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Employment in New Zealand

3 Best Employment Destinations in New Zealand

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Employment Destinations in New ZealandNew Zealand boasts of a favourable tax system along with comparatively affordable property prices. Its cities rank consistently high in worldwide liveability surveys. Expats can make the most of the country’s high living standards, great natural environment and umpteen job opportunities.

From Auckland’s Fortune 500 companies to Wellington’s real estate trade to Palmerston North’s knowledge sector, there are many job opportunities to explore. Consult an expert employment company to learn about New Zealand’s employment laws, including their 90-day trial period. Here are some of the high-ranking cities to work in.


Auckland is a regular feature on the Mercer Quality of Life Survey, with good reason. The city offers quality life, great education and medical facilities, low-pollution environment and a number of job opportunities. About two-thirds of New Zealand’s top companies are in Auckland, while one-third of the country’s human resources are employed in the city. About one-fourth of the planet’s Fortune 500 firms have set their business here.


From being crowned as the coolest little capital in the world by Lonely Planet, Wellington offers many employment opportunities in the public sector (housing the parliament seat), real estate and entrepreneurship sector. The construction trade and retail ventures likewise have a strong presence in Wellington. It is home to a variety of dining options, a spectacular harbourside and award-winning entertainment venues.

Palmerston North

Palmerston North is a great fusion of the metropolitan city lifestyle with the relaxed pace of a small town. It features contemporary conveniences, technological advancements and a cosmopolitan vibe. It is known as New Zealand’s Knowledge City for its thriving student population and the New Zealand Dairy Research Institute. The town offers many job opportunities in the education, dairy research and business sector.

New Zealand offers sound employment opportunities for migrants with its favourable working conditions and stable economy. Know what’s applicable for you and get hired.

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