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Cleaning of coils

3 Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

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Cleaning of coilsLike residential units, large-scale air conditioning systems need proper maintenance for them to function properly. Commercial establishments will not succeed if they cannot offer comfort. Here are three important maintenance strategies for air conditioning units used by businesses:

1. Maintain Clear Drain Lines

Clogged drain lines can lead to water damages, so make sure that these components are clean and maintained regularly. They should also undergo condensate treatment to ensure proper drainage.

With this treatment, the equipment can provide better air quality. Don’t forget to clean drain pans as well.

2. Tighten Belts Quarterly

Part of the maintenance is to have all belts checked and tightened regularly. Do this on a quarterly basis. Ask commercial air conditioning service companies to schedule the maintenance so you will not forget it.

Properly-tightened belts make certain that there is a correct air volume, as this has an impact on the cooling capacity and the refrigeration process of the unit.

The unit will freeze up if one of the belts breaks down. This can then lead to problems with the compressor. It may also result in serious water damages and affect the generation of conditioned air.

Problematic AC systems can cause poor work quality and lower productivity.

3. Cleaning of Coils

Scientists are developing new materials that can improve air conditioning while cutting back on energy consumption. While this is still in the works, care for your unit to get the savings.

Do annual coil cleaning for the unit to perform well. Aside from increasing the system’s efficiency, this maintenance step helps reduce energy consumption.

Clean coils also help maintain clean air. By properly cleaning the coils of your air conditioning unit, expect its life span to increase and the possibility of damages to decrease.

It can be quite a challenge to maintain large-scale air conditioning systems. Most companies contact AC installation and maintenance experts for the job. Do the same or make a list of parts to check, clean or replace to make things easier.

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