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3 Items That Can Improve Senior Care

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Caring for the elderlyResearch shows that there are about 617 million people around the world aged 65 years old and above. This covers about 8.5 percent of the word’s total population. The An Aging World: 2015 report prepared by the U.S, Census Bureau also revealed that this niche population is expected to grow up to 1.6 billion.

A rise in the number of aging adults means there are bigger needs in the senior healthcare industry. While technology has helped produce better products aimed at senior care, there are also some non-tech products that can help provide better care. Here are some of them.

1. Walk-in Bathtubs

A walk-in bathtub for seniors is specially designed to help older adults reduce the risk of slips and falls. Heavenly Walk In Tubs notes that other than improving safety, this innovative bathtub helps seniors and disabled people become more independent when bathing through handrails, seats, and textured non-slip pads. And because walk-in bathtubs have sliding doors, seniors don’t have to raise their legs to get in the tub. The door seals also prevent the water from leaking onto the floors. These features help prevent common accidents in the bathroom.

2. Emergency Alert Devices

Wearable technology with a GPS tracking system helps people provide better emergency response to seniors who have fallen, slipped or gotten lost. For instance, in early 2016, WiseWear teamed up with 94-year-old fashion icon Iris Apfel to co-design a wearable tech gadget for seniors. The smart technology not only monitors the wearer’s health-related data; it also allows the users to send a distress signal and their exact location to their emergency contact persons.

3. Light Dumbbells and Medicine Balls

Health experts encourage seniors to do some light exercises regularly. Other than light cardio exercises, a 3- or 5-pound pair of dumbbells can help seniors build upper body strength without stressing too much. Go for the roll-free option, as it can also be used for activities other than simple arm exercises. Medicine balls can help seniors improve their posture and balance. A study found that catching a medicine ball can help people prevent falls through improved balance.

Whether you’re running a senior home or you simply want to provide better care for your aging loved one, buying any or all of these items is a good decision. Paired with compassion, understanding, and love, these tools and equipment can help seniors live the best remaining years of their lives.

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