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3 Reasons Young Doctors Must Consider a Locum Tenens Job

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A young resident preparing to work When physicians complete their residency training, the usual next step is to land their first real job. Most of them choose to work at a hospital, enter a private practice, or take on a fellowship program for their specialization. Aside from these typical career paths, however, there are other options young doctors may want to consider— and that includes a locum tenens job.

Hassle-Free Work Schedule

Years of studying medicine and working as a resident doctor will provide you a decent sampling of how hectic a physician’s schedule can get. So if you want to have a more hassle-free, less unpredictable work schedule, at least for the first few years of your career, you should consider taking locum tenens jobs.

Interim Physicians and other locum tenens agencies in the country can help you find a series of jobs as a substitute physician. They connect you with a facility and arrange your schedule and the logistics involved in a particular assignment. Once you and the facility agree to terms, all you need to do is simply arrive on the assignment day and take on the responsibilities required of you. It’s a reasonably hassle-free job that comes with decent pay and not too much of a commitment.

A Variety of Learning Experiences

Doctors never stop learning, and locum tenens jobs are a perfect opportunity for young physicians to gain more learning experiences while earning an adequate income. These temporary jobs for doctors can be anywhere; thus, you can experience different ways of delivering health care, from working in a local health institution to being on duty in critical access hospitals. You will learn various practices and solutions you otherwise wouldn’t get to experience if you stay in only one hospital or practice for the first few years of your career.

Networking Opportunities

Temporary assignments provide you with wide networking opportunities. Rubbing elbows and networking with different experts and patients across the country can open a lot of doors for you. Who knows, one of these locum tenens jobs may even lead you to the biggest opportunity of your medical career.

Sometimes, you should take the road less traveled to gain maturity, experience, and opportunities you need to become a successful professional. In the medical field, a locum tenens job could be that path — your unusual road to success.

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