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Clear Off Your Table

4 Easy Steps to Organise Your Work Station

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Clear Off Your TableWith growing businesses and industries, office workers are looking for more ways to save time to get more work done. It’s easy to dismiss getting organised and say that you simply don’t have the time to keep your work environment tidy and clutter free, but you’ll be surprised how much more time consuming it is to keep a disorderly office.

Here are a few tips that would help boost your efficiency by keeping all your files and your work area as organised and clean as possible.

Storage Boxes

As days go by, you’ll be gathering more and more stuff: files, magazines, gadgets and all sorts of knick-knacks. These things pile up faster than you know. You should get storage boxes where you can immediately put all the things you receive so they don’t get thrown about in your office. Reserve a box you can immediately discard. Assign one box to put things that need urgent attention and another one for archives, where you’ll put work that are already complete.

Start With a Clean Slate

Pick a day within your week where you would do general office cleaning. Look around you and decide right now. Which items can you easily throw away? Which items have not been used in a long time? Which ones (decorations included) are just gathering dust in a corner? Purge your entire office of anything that’s not immediately essential.

Clear Off Your Table

Remove everything on your table right now and then put back all the items one by one. This forces you to evaluate whether one item is still needed or not. If you think you can let go of that second pencil bin, discard it. You won’t believe just how much space you can save just by doing this.

A Bigger Bin

Get a trash bin a few sizes larger than your current one. It’s easy to just let paperwork pile up on your desk as the day goes by. A bigger trash bin would constantly remind you that some of the pieces of paper you receive do not need to be kept for a long time and just goes right into the trash.

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