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4 Renovation Ideas that Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Home

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Luxurious Home in NYCEveryone loves a bit of luxury, and one of the best ways to enjoy it is to add some of it to your own home. There’s nothing that feels more opulent than whipping up a hot dinner in a big, airy kitchen or enjoying a spa-like retreat in the master bathroom.
But before you start contacting general contractors in NYC, Graphic Builders Inc. believes that it’s important for you to already have a good idea about the renovations you would like for your home. If you’re still unsure, here is some inspiration.

1. Gorgeous Kitchens

Homeowners prefer wide open spaces and a huge island, sometimes two. Go for timeless pieces such as hardwood cabinets and granite counters, matched with modern, professional-looking appliances. Perhaps you might also want a dedicated corner for your special interests, such as a juice counter, a brick oven, or a home brew system.

2. Bathrooms Fit for a Queen

Floating vanities, mirrors, and huge glass walls or windows add a lot of light and space. You might also be interested in a two-person showerhead, heated flooring, and a deep-soaker tub for the ultimate at-home spa experience. Using natural materials such as wood or stone will also add variety in terms of texture.

3. Upscale Basements

Your basement can be made over to provide space for your interests. For example, a wine enthusiast doesn’t have to look far to build his own wine cellar. You can also convert it into a full-blown entertainment area, with domed ceilings, curved walls, and a game room. If you’re not interested, you might as well build a clean, cozy laundry area where you can sip hot chocolate or read a good book while doing the laundry.

4. Smart Appliances

A luxury home is about more than just having beautiful rooms. These days, having the right technology can provide us creature comforts our parents didn’t have. We have smart thermostats and air-conditioners that can regulate the temperature without you having to do a thing. There are smart refrigerators that create a grocery shopping list, cleaning robots that do everything for you, and smart security systems to stay on top of things even when you’re away.
There is no shortage of possibilities when it comes to adding some luxury to your home. Imagination (and your budget) is the only limit you have when it comes to renovation ideas.

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