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5 Common Shipping-Related Problems Importers and Exporters Experience

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industrial crane loading containers in a cargo freight truck

Regardless of the origin and type of the commodity, a customs clearance is important and necessary. When you have this document, you can ship the good to another region, state, or country.

Import and export documentation, with which providers of cargo shipping services in the Philippines can help, is critical because of some common problems importers face. Customs brokers from Cheska Freight cite some of them.

Custom exams

Containers are often subjected to various exams. Shipment-targeted exams are a commonplace. However, some exams are random, such as unloading the content for physical inspection of some part or all parts of the shipment and sampling for laboratory tests. Both processes delay the shipping process and incur additional cost.


Damage occurs in two ways: cargo damage and container damage. Nevertheless, either of the two can cause serious delay and additional cost. This cannot be ignored, however, because the claim must be done promptly. Claim procedures shall ensue and the importer must be adequately compensated for the loss.


Steamship lines allow importers to use their shipping containers, agreeing on a standard time. When delays occur, the shipping containers may need to be used for a longer period. Demurrage charges are incurred for every additional day after the free days agreed upon by the management and the importer.

Per diem

Steamship lines also allow the importers to use their equipment for a fee. The principle is the same as that of demurrage, although the additional cost is incurred after the agreed free days for returning empty containers are exhausted.


Consignees are required to accept and unload the cargo. If a consignee fails to do so on the agreed upon time, detention charges may incur. Every excess time is billed after the two hours free to compensate the truckers for being held up for longer duration.

Even when importers and consignees comply with the laws and procedures, some situations beyond everyone’s control still occur. Unfortunately, these catastrophes are also considered costly delays. Preparation for the unexpected is the only key.

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