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5 Tips to Stay Healthy This Winter

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Winter MonthsChristmas is almost here. Are you and your family prepared for the cold months ahead? Here are some tips on how you can stay safe and healthy in the winter.

Watch the food you eat

The holidays are all about comfort food. Unfortunately, all the good stuff are loaded with carbs and bad fats. You don’t have to starve yourself of the holiday food fest but try to go limit your intake of the fattening ones and load up on the healthy options.

Stay active

It’s a bit hard to get moving in the winter and the cold season can really lure you into slumberland but do find ways to stay active, especially the kids. Quick, simple exercises, as well as fun games that don't require sitting in front of the TV all the time, can help you squeeze in some workout during the season.

Prepare your home and car for the winter

Before the first snow falls, ensure that your home is prepared for the cold months ahead. Get a head start and check if the furnace and other heating system are working. Inspect your fireplace and make sure there is no blockage that could be a pain to deal with the snow finally arrives. Make sure that every list on your winter preparedness list is ticked off and this includes prepping your car for the snowy months.

Keep emergency numbers in your fridge door

Accidents can occur at any time. It is important for families to have access to emergency numbers fast. These could include police and fire stations, family practice clinics or hospitals in Orem, Utah, such as Revere Health. List them down and place them where it can easily be found, such as your fridge door.

The long, winter months don’t have to take a toll on your family’s health and safety. This time of the year can also get pretty stressful, with all the festivities going on. Manage your stress and your household so you can fully enjoy this time off from work.

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