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6 Tips to Remember: Where Did You Park Your Car?

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Woman Found Her Parked Vehicle Using Car LocatorPeople use different strategies in remembering where they parked their car, especially in establishments with crowded parking facilities. A study said that men are better at locating their cars than women due to the strategy used: men track their cars by distance, while women rely on landmarks.

Find out other strategies in finding your car in the parking spaces and remember to follow these tips.

Find a landmark

Park your car near a landmark or at an angle where the landmark is visible or aligning to your vehicle. Landmarks can be a tree, a street lamp, or a building. If a park has a lot of these marks, choose the one with distinctive features. A study said that most women use this strategy, which is one effective way of remembering through the means of association.

It is also better to park near the exit than the entrance, where most people want to park.

Take a photo or video

It is advisable to do both. A photo will remind you of the landmarks, especially if you’re in an unfamiliar place. After that, take a video of your steps from your parking spot to the establishment. And if the cars that you used as identifying landmarks left earlier, you can use your video to retrace your steps.

Put identifying marks

Tie a piece of fabric, flag or ribbon on your car’s antennae or windshield. Make sure it has a bright colour and is highly visible. You can also use noticeable bumper stickers, license plate frames or place a car accessory in the back window.

Push the panic button

You can’t easily track your car if you only use the unlock button. Remote Pro suggests using your car remote’s panic button that will set the alarm or horn off, which will give you a longer chance to locate your car. Make sure to turn it off once you find it to not cause additional trouble.

Use online applications

If you use a smartphone, you can download applications that can help you track the spot where you parked. Even Google has an application that you can use. Write it down

Some parking lots have row or aisle numbers displayed on their posts, simply remember or take note of the row where your car is and navigate your way down that row. But if the parking lot doesn’t have this feature, make your own numbering like counting the rows from the entrance, from a corner, or from an identifying spot.

If all else fails, never hesitate to ask help from a parking assistant or security officer, they have the tools to check where you parked.

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