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A Call to Arms: Why SAF Volunteering Matters

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National Defence in SingaporeSingapore is improving its national defence to protect its beloved citizens. As a matter of fact, the military is eyeing on a budget increase to get the latest military equipment to prepare themselves for attacks.

When one talks about the Singaporean national defence, many think about the heroic individuals who defend the land from imminent threats. And when someone brings up national defence, it is often distinguished with pride, honour, and sacrifice. So why not be part of such movement?

A sense of pride

Volunteering in Singaporean defence will always be looked upon with pride, respect and admiration. As a matter of fact, this is open to anyone who wants to be part of the movement. This simple act of kindness can definitely impact the lives of people and the Singaporean community in a positive way.

Completing the demanding training program, for one, is worthy of commendation, as it shows discipline and much knowledge about the different military strategies.

Professional benefits

People considering volunteering should know that giving back to the community looks great on the resume. Listing that you are a SAF volunteer shows employers and colleges that you’re compassionate and involved. Through volunteering, you can easily find work-related character references.

A practical learning

Aside from helping the Singaporean community, volunteering in military provides more benefits. Discipline and problem solving are just two of the valuable traits you’ll earn participating in such programs, both of which can be used in the professional world.

The change in lifestyle also grants you the courage to chase your ambitions in life. In the military, every activity needs a tonne of dedication, effort, and strength – these are instilled to you by your commanding officers during training.

SAF Volunteer Corps says you should take action and be part of the movement. Signing up in these volunteer opportunities makes a positive change to yourself and the community.

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