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A Guide to Driveway Sealing

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A reliable driveway sealing company will guarantee you great service with the right professionals who understand how to do seal coating and other necessary repairs. As you know, driveways are exposed to snow, rain, UV rays and vehicle fluids. A great coating will protect the driveway from chemical, weather and abrasion damage.

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Besides, it enhances the appearance of the driveway. What entails the process of driveway sealing? The process starts by cleaning the area where the seal coating will be applied. The cleaning can be done using a broom, blower, or brush to remove stones, sans, leaves and dirt from the driveway’s surface. You’ll also need to remove any planters and stagnant water. You will need to measure the square footage of the driveway accurately. You must have a tape measure that will do that job. Once you have the right measurements, it’s time to apply the sealer. This process will entail using a long-handled paint squeegee or roller and a brush. The roller will help you save time. You can now go ahead and apply the seal coating. Begin by mixing the sealer, then pour small amounts into the driveway. Use the paint roller to apply the coating. Let the first coat dry up before you apply the second one. This will guarantee a smooth and uniform seal coating exercise.


A great coating will protect the driveway.

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