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Add Spring to Your Garden with a Trampoline

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Old TrampolineTrampolines are a great source of fun for kids and adults alike. But, eventually, they give out. The frames start to rust, the springs pop, the center mat tears, and you are left wondering what you’re going to do with all these materials. The usual course of action is to throw it away or sell the parts for scraps, but why not consider using it as an additional installment to your garden?

Here are some ways to recycle your old trampolines!

1. Raised flowerbed – Simply enough, you can fill the trampoline with dirt and make a raised flower bed to keep animals from snacking on those geraniums you worked so hard to raise. However, says, if your trampoline’s mat is pretty torn up you might try…

2. Vegetable and herb garden – By turning the frame upside down and using the mesh netting of the trampoline as a barrier, you can create a fenced-in vegetable and herb garden. You can even add a sprinkler in the middle to make watering easier!

3. Plant arch – Supporting the halves of the trampoline by pillars or posts makes it an ideal trellis framework for your climbing plants. Place it on the entrance of your garden and you have the perfect entranceway or position it by the side and add some lawn chairs for the most serene sitting area to relax and read a book.

4. Greenhouse – This one takes a bit more work than the previous ones, but the result is amazing. With the use of plastic pipes, plastic sheets, and some tape, you can repurpose your old frame into a greenhouse. Using the two halves of the frame and turning the legs towards each other, you can screw the legs together with the plastic pipe making the frame for the greenhouse. Cover the entire thing with plastic sheeting and you have the walls. Using some wood and more plastic, make a door and maybe a window and you’re done!

You might not be able to relive the fun moments with an old trampoline, but you can definitely give it a fresh look and purpose with these projects! Hop to it!

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