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The Advantages of Using a Fire Extinguisher

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water extinguisherThe relationship between water and fire is something that every individual understands. It’s important that a structure is close to a big water source in case of a big fire. A water-based fire extinguisher, however,comes in handy during small fires or those that fall under Class A, which means it’s fueled by ordinary combustibles. Below are the reasons you need to keep a water extinguisher.


Firstly, water-based fire extinguishers are an inexpensive way to stop the fire from spreading to other areas. They contain water and compressed oxygen; both have the best abilities to put out fire instantly. Extinguishers that make use of nitrogen or carbon dioxide are usually pricey.


This equipment is also known as air-pressurized water extinguishers (APW). The equipment is easy to handle and is very cost-effective. Besides water, the equipment also has elemental additives or wet chemicals, which usually contain potassium acetate, carbonate, or citrate. These additives effectively smother elements contained in the fire. It forms a soapy foam blanket over the burning oil. This ideally cools the oil way below its ignition temperature. The wetting agents are useful by breaking the surface tension of water.

Anti-freezing chemicals help lower the freezing point of water to about -40 degree Fahrenheit.This is one of the best ways by which, you can put out the fire.


Water-based fire extinguishers, when used properly, can help you save numerous lives and properties. You can install them in different types of establishments, such as shops, industrial houses, and restaurants. You can also use it at home. You can also use these fire extinguishers in camp fires and adventure outings. You can also use them in hospitals and other structures that require high levels of sanitation,as they are non-contaminant in nature.

Another feature that makes water-based fire extinguishers a good safety addition to your home is that they don’t produce messes that are hard to clean. To find the right water-based extinguisher that will suit your home or establishment, search online or ask for referrals.

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