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Ring for a Happy Marriage

Affordable Rings for a Longer, Better Happily Ever After

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Ring for a Happy MarriageAn interesting study in October 2014 revealed that the cost of your engagement ring may tell something about how long your marriage would last. The study, which polled 3,000 remarried or once-married individuals, showed that men who spent between $2,000 and $4,000 on engagement rings were 1.3 times more likely to divorce, compared to those who spent just $500 to $2,000.

On the other hand, women who received more expensive engagement rings were more likely to pull the plug on their marriage than those who did not.

Financial Strain Puts Stress on Marriage

The study purports why the cost of the engagement ring has something to do with the length of the marriage is because spending extravagantly before and during the day of your wedding may actually put pressure on the relationship. After all, nothing can be more stressful than starting your married life with overwhelming debt.

Save Your Marriage (and Your Money) With an Affordable Engagement Ring

Diamonds may not always mean forever. As such, saving your marriage may mean saving more money through diamond ring alternatives, according to jewellers from Melbourne. Some of the most common diamond ring alternatives are:

• Gemstones – Besides being more economical, gemstones could bring meaning beyond what a diamond ring could express. For example, if you are in a romantic date with your would-be wife in Melbourne, skilled jewellers in the area can craft a meaningful gemstone ring that would go a long way to getting her ‘yes.’

• Lab-created diamonds – A more economical alternative, synthetic diamonds also decrease your ecological footprint.

• Knot rings – Known for its timelessness, knot rings are increasingly becoming one of the top choices for engagement rings, especially among younger couples.

Finally, your partner’s willingness to exchange vows with you goes beyond the cost of the ring. What actually matters the most is your maturity and readiness to handle a life-long love affair with her. After all, if it’s the ring, it’s not the ring.

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