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Approaches to Keep Your Cycle from Getting Nicked

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Properly locked bikesEach day, London gains more and more cyclists. Transport for London reveals that from 2000 until 2012, some day-to-day cycle trips in Greater London rose to 580,000. The number is twice more than the years preceding the survey, which is probably why there are a lot of cycle shelters here in the UK now.

The problem is, an insurance company conducted a study that revealed one in five cyclists had gotten their cycles stolen. Even though most assume they would get to keep their cycles for 10 years, they only own them for a couple of years before thieves steal them.

Here are ways to increase your cycle security:

Use two kinds of locks

Crooks usually employ two techniques to break open your lock; car jacks to snap your D-locks open and bolt cutters to trim through your cable locks. Thieves typically do not have both of these because they are quite heavy and they offer the police the chance to seize them for the felony of “going equipped.”

Use a mixture of D-locks and cable locks to make you less vulnerable to the crime. Other times, they use drills or sledge hammers to break your locks. Make this process more complicated by ensuring that your lock does not lie on the floor.

Consider your location

Carefully select the spot where you will secure your cycle. Double check the place where you are locking your bike, make sure it connects to dry land and at least somewhere stable. If you can quickly remove it, then it is the same case for your cycle.

If ever you want to lock your bike to a lamppost, determine if you can easily lift it up because it will mean thieves can easily nick them. If you always park your bike in busy, public places and assume it is safe, it is not.

No matter where you choose to lock your bike, make sure that it is not in a prohibited place and you use two locks. Do not give these thieves the easy way out by doubling your bike security.

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