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Are You Qualified to Be a Flight Attendant?

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Orthodontic RetainerYou have always wanted to be a flight attendant. Flying all the time and being in possibly two or more different countries in a span of 24 hours excite you. You also probably heard that there are all these crazy and impossible requirements, but you may or may not have heard it right.

Find out if you are qualified for the job.

1. You should be physically appealing.

With any other profession, while judging an applicant’s looks could be deemed as unfair, it is the very basis when shortlisting flight attendant aspirants. Leung Hai Ying played as an undercover applying for a flight attendant job for a CNN story. The head recruiter specifically enumerated the following physical attributes: tall, dark hair, light complexion, smooth skin or at least with insignificant blemishes that are easy to conceal, and normal weight.

Above all, you need to have a set of perfect white teeth. Thus, if you have a few more years to spare, start controlling your weight now. If you have bad teeth, you might consider getting braces and eventually an orthodontic retainer to maintain it.

2. You should be articulate.

Being the most physically attractive of the bunch does not guarantee a spot. You have to be more than that. Your communication skills will come handy in dealing with airline customers, so you have to be eloquent. Airlines prefer those who do not have a palpable accent. Avoid using slang words, review your grammar, and be confident. If you need to brush up on your English skills, do it. You can also go to speech training beforehand.

3. You have to be perfectly healthy.

Being in good shape is not enough; you have to be in good health overall. Even if you pass all the training and exams, failing the medical evaluation will make you ineligible for the job. If you are aware of a health condition that you have, and some treatments are available, don’t delay and just get it over with.

4. You are ready for the kind of lifestyle.

Recruiters will also assess whether you are emotionally and psychologically prepared to handle the lifestyle. It is going to be difficult. Yes, you will travel a lot, but you will miss a lot of special occasions and family gatherings. You will be homesick most days. In addition, you will do all sorts of jobs like baby-sitting and waiting “tables.” You need to show that you are ready to be challenged.

The life of a flight attendant seems glamorous, but looking closely, quite the contrary. The application process is going to be exhausting and the competition can be cutthroat, so make sure you prepare for it early on.

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