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Avoiding Common Plumbing Problems: Six Things You Must Do

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A man trying to fix his sink Sometimes plumbing problems occur at the most unexpected time; a pipe may burst at night or your toilet may be blocked when you have visitors over for a barbeque weekend. Although most plumbing problems tend to be minor and can be fixed easily, some issues can be major and can lead to serious damage.

How can you avoid such problems? Here are six things you must do:

1. Take Care of Your Kitchen Sink

Most plumbing problems tend to involve the kitchen sink. Tim Miller Plumbing agrees that without proper maintenance, kitchen sinks are prone to clogging. The biggest mistake most people seem to make is to think that if something can go down the sink, then it’s just fine. No wonder so much grease is washed down. This muck will stick somewhere down the pipe and it will come back to haunt you. Adding a strainer is a good idea to trap larger debris.

2. Do Not Flush the Unflushable

Most of us think that the toilet can take anything solid; unfortunately, it can’t. The sewer system is only designed to carry human waste and tissue paper because they disintegrate. If you don’t mind what you flush down, you are certainly courting disaster.

3. Don’t Freeze Your Pipes

When temperatures are low, the water inside the pipes may freeze. Because ice occupies a larger volume than liquid water, your pipes will be put under intense pressure and may burst. Always make sure that the house is warm even if you are away. Avoid hanging things on exposed pipes; the strain may lead to bursting.

4. Regularly Maintain the Water Heater

You want to be careful with the water heater; it holds tens of gallons of water, and if bursting was to occur, a major damage would ensue. Drain the sediments that build up in the reservoir at least once a year. Also, get your system checked by a professional once in a while to make sure that there are no problems.

5. Understand Your Plumbing Layout

Sometimes, a burst pipe can flood the house in minutes. The easiest way to deal with such a situation is to cut off water supply so you can figure out how to fix the problem. In most cases, it is located near the main supply at the meter point. However, it is imperative to understand your plumbing layout before an emergency occurs.

6. Know Who to Call

If you realise that you cannot handle a situation, do not waste time. Call up a professional plumber in your area. Plumbers in Nelson are available round the clock, meaning you can always get help any time of the day. It is advisable to identify a professional company before you have an emergency so that at the time of need, you will know who to call.

Most plumbing problems are caused by ignorance or by sheer misuse of facilities. Definitely, it is better to mitigate a problem than to fix it.

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