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Backlinking: The Secret to Getting More Customers

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Digital marketing is the key to more sales for your business. It will be tough for any business to make sales through a website if they don’t use digital marketing techniques to promote it. Digital marketing comprises social media marketing, content marketing, and SEO.

You need to optimize your website and content so that it can rank further on Google. The goal is to get more visitors to your website.

One can do that by paid advertisement, putting up links on social media, and pay-per-click, but the best way to organically get more visitors is through backlinks.

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are simply links put up by another website that guide the reader to your content. For instance, if you’re looking for fitness trainers with a cert 3 personal training on a blog, there’s likely to be a link to websites talking about personal trainers and fitness.

How does it help the user?

  • Users get additional information on a topic of their interest.
  • It ends the search loop where the user goes back to Google every time they need to know something.
  • It helps them gain more information from a single search.

How does it benefit the website?

  • This builds the authority of a website as it completely solves readers’ problems.
  • Readers trust them more as they seem experts in their niche.

How does it benefit the backlink receiving website?

  • It gets more traffic.
  • If a popular website links back to your blog, it builds reputation and trust. The more you get these, the more readers trust you.

getting more audiences

How Do You Get Backlinks for Your Website?

Remember that links directly affect the site that provides them. Thus, pitch only to those websites that actually share an industry or niche with you. For example, if you sell dog collars, you can pitch bloggers that share pet stories, non-profit sites that talk about animal welfare, sites that sell dog food, etc. There’s no point pitching a fashion influencer for this.

You can use these methods to find relevant websites.

  • Networking

Networking works everywhere. No matter what field you belong to, networking will get you deals, clients, and backlinks if you put in genuine efforts. Network with bloggers and website owners in your niche so that they can consider links. The reason is simple enough. Every blogger and website owner gets tons of emails every day from websites to link it back to them, but if they know you, they’ll choose you over total strangers.

When you’ve built a relationship with these people in your industry, write a neat email explaining why they should put up backlinks to your website. If you’ve talked enough about business, they will know that you’re good at what you do. It becomes easier for them to trust you.

You can find bloggers and website owners on social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. It’s easy to reach out to them on these platforms rather than by email.

  • Guest Posting

This is the most effective method on this list. Guest posting will grow your website traffic like nothing else. When people see your name on different websites that they read and trust, they assume your knowledge in the niche. Neil Patel kept guest posting on sites like Inc, Forbes, and Entrepreneur until his content started ranking up. People started trusting him more, and he got many clients from this. Now, he dominates the digital marketing industry. That’s the power of guest posting.

How to Find Sites to Guest Post

You need to find relevant sites to pitch to if you want to get returns from your guest blogs. Remember, it’s not as hard as it seems, as websites also need guest blogs for their own good.

  • Prolific Guest Bloggers

These are writers who actively write guest posts on various websites and are known to know a niche. You can find them by searching “prolific guest bloggers + keyword.” Google will bring up a list of popular writers. You can see what sites they write for. These are the sites that accept guest posts. Now go ahead and pitch them. Google will provide sites accepting guest posts, so you can pitch to them.

  • Follow website owners on social media

Website owners put up posts where they openly ask if anyone’s up for guest posting. You can reach out to them and pitch them your idea.

Final Thoughts

Neil Patel said that backlinks are the best form of inbound marketing. In a study by SEMrush, it was confirmed that backlinks could increase Google rankings. The method will build your brand’s image in the market. Readers will trust you more than your competitors. There’s no downside to generating backlinks, but the benefits are immense. Use these tips to get backlinks for your websites and watch your traffic shoot up.

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