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Balustrades for Your Home: Choosing the Best Material

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BalustradesBalustrades can be installed in many locations in the home, such as balconies, staircases, and even around pools. Besides acting as a support, balustrades keep you and other people safe, and they add value and beauty to your home as well.

Before you install balustrades, you must choose the right material that suits your needs and the overall design of your property.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is perhaps one of the best materials for balustrading. It can blend with almost all kinds of surroundings, and it does not rust. Stainless steel also has a look that may always stay in style.


Aluminium is a light material that offers cost savings in your balustrading project. Aluminium is also durable and requires less maintenance over the years. Compared to stainless steel, however, aluminium can bend easily, making it less than perfect for security or high traffic areas.


Glass is a popular balustrade material, as offers an unobstructed view from all sides. This view can give the illusion of space in your home. Modern technology has made glass tough enough to serve as a sturdy balustrading material.

Balustrading Tips

You may likewise choose from other materials, such as wrought iron, lace or wood. Active Metal points out that you can use different materials for different portions of your home. For example, you can install glass balustrades around your swimming pool, timber for your staircase and stainless steel for your balcony.

You can be as creative and innovative with the balustrading of your home as you want. As you choose your materials, you can consider the costs, the durability, and the resistance of the material to the elements if placed outdoors. With the right material, your balustrades can last for years and continue to beautify your home.

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