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AC repair

Be Smart and Deal with AC Emergencies the Right Way

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AC repairAir conditioner emergencies are common in Herriman, what with the city’s usually hot or very warm days. While some sudden AC problems can be solved by most home owners – even novices – this should not be the first step when handling the situation.

Keep in mind that a slight mistake can lead to more problems, so you should not mess around with it unless you have done the following:

  1. Gauge the situation’s severity.

When your air conditioner suddenly stops working, it does not automatically mean that the unit itself is the one at fault. Many factors can contribute to loss of cooling (or heating), such as low or no power supply. Problems with your house’s electrical components can also cause the AC to suddenly stop working.

What is important is for you to first gauge just how serious the situation is. In cases where the unit is emitting smoke, really loud noises, or cut or exposed cables, then consider it as an actual emergency. These call for professional AC repair; Herriman has several contractors at your disposal.

  1. Check for a tripped circuit breaker.

Most types of air conditioners require high amounts of energy to operate properly. This is especially true during really warm or hot days. Sometimes, this can lead to the circuit breaker tripping. So when your cooling system suddenly stops, check your home’s circuit breaker. Reset it, if possible. Doing this will restart the unit, and will likely make it work optimally once again.

However, if this is a common occurrence in your home, your AC is likely faulty. Have it checked by a professional repair service to prevent more serious issues.

  1. Call a reliable repair service.

While you can do some AC maintenance procedures and fixes on your own, such as replacing or cleaning the filters, dusting the unit, or removing minor clogs, there are some best left in the hands of a service technician.

So if resetting the unit does not work and you have already done your part, all to no avail, contact a repair service right away.

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