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Beauty from the Outside In: It’s Possible Now

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The old saying that says, “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” is just that, old. Modern technological leaps in the medical field have already led to the fact that everyone can now feel beautiful inside and out. The kind of beauty that will genuinely give its beholder genuine happiness and satisfaction.

But unfortunately, the advancements in the medical field do not necessarily mean the same with human perception. Until now, many people think that many medical procedures remain painful, invasive, or downright fake in some cases. Little did many people know that most of these aesthetic medical procedures are now less to totally non-invasive.

In the recent past, non-invasive cosmetic procedures only include oils and creams or some weird equipment that emit light or heat of some kind. These procedures have improved, and the patients are sharing their effectiveness through various media, including the Internet.

Thermage is one treatment that is considered non-invasive and has risen in popularity in recent times. Thermage is also one of the most preferred non-invasive cosmetic and skin-tightening procedures.

And, here are the best four reasons why you should finally have that thermage procedure you have been waiting for yourself to have for the longest time.

It’s Painless

The most important thing to know is the thermage procedure will not hurt. And you already know that. But what is more interesting is that unlike other non-invasive procedures, thermage skin tightening will not include any form of skin puncturing. The treatment is 100 percent free of needles.

This information is vital because thermage should be differentiated from other numerous non-invasive procedures in the market today. Many of these procedures will either include a small dosage of anesthetics or a small puncture on the skin. No matter how small, getting hurt is what many patients do not want, and there remains a small percentage of people who are afraid of the needle.

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Effective and Credible

Many testimonials are indicating the effectiveness of the procedure. The treatment’s credibility is also evident, with many celebrities from Hollywood express their satisfaction with the treatment. Patients have revealed that the procedure’s results may last up to three years. Former patients were proud to show the results as their loose skin on their face, and other parts of their body became firmer.

Many clients decided to undergo this procedure because of its effects similar to invasive procedures, such as injection of Botox and other solutions or facelift surgeries. These people seeking out younger and more beautiful skin preferred this procedure because it is backed by science and not only out of their fear of needles.

Backed By Science

The credibility and effectiveness of the procedure have been approved by some researchers, but how does this procedure really work?

The procedure uses radio frequencies that stimulate the creation of collagen below the skin. The “Thermage Monopolar Radio Frequency” heats the part of the body or face in question. This heating will lead to the creation of new collagen below the skin.

The result may vary and may take a long time. Some clients report that noticeable changes occurred at least three to six months after the procedure. This is considerably longer than other skin-tightening methods, but this procedure is assured to be more natural.

Totally No Downtime

And yes, the procedure has totally no downtime. Suppose you are a socially-active or even a workaholic individual. In that case, you can easily have cosmetic treatment, and you can do whatever is it that you are going to do on that day. That would mean you do not have to stay in bed or stay away for a long time; instead you would do all the normal things you usually do, and still look great.

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