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Become a Happy Camper: Outdoor Essentials for First-time Adventure-Seekers

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CampingIt’s almost summer now in the United States, and what better way to enjoy it than going into the great outdoors. America was once a frontier country, and its citizens frontiersmen, so it’s only fitting to be reacquainted with living in the outdoors. So, feel like going for a day or two in the woods? shares a few things you should know first before heading out.

Assemble the Team

If going into woods solo is not your style, you may want to assemble a group together. Go ahead and call up a few buddies to join you in your excursion. A partner is good enough, but as they say: the more, the merrier. Getting a group together is not only having more people to enjoy it with, but also assembling a team. With a team, you can delegate tasks, duties and responsibilities to your buddies such as who’s on cooking duty, camp duty, etc.

Camping Venue

Once you have a team ready, you can now set where exactly you will go. Plan an appropriate venue suited for your budget, resources and overall outdoor experience. For beginners, it is recommended to go to places where the woods is not very dense, and the place relatively close to a town. There are some outdoors companies that provide camping experiences to paying customers.


Going for a trek in the outdoors is very different from going to the mall; you have to come properly dressed for it. Wear any good shirt that will keep you cool from the humid surroundings. Fatigues are good for outdoor wear and tear. For clothing, it is best to have long sleeves and trousers to keep insects and even poisonous plants off your skin. You may also want to invest in other accessories, such as caps, gloves, and eyewear from outdoor equipment stores like Burton. For shoes, put off those sneakers and get your boots on. Practically, any shoes can be used, as long as they are durable and let your feet breathe.

Supplies and Logistics

Now that your trip is a go, make sure that you are well-stocked up on essentials. Bring food rich in carbohydrates to keep you well-fuelled for the trip. Go for foodstuff that are easily prepared and consumed such as instant noodles, easy-to-open canned good, etc. Stock up on water. You can do away with other sugar-filled beverages, but always bring water. The trekking will take its toll on your body, so it’s best to stay hydrated. Water can also be used for cooking, washing things and treating wounds.

For personal items such as toiletries, extra clothes and the like. Do not forget personal medicines – if they are not yet included in your first aid kit.

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