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a woman in shooting training

A Complete Guide to Becoming a Firearms Instructor

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If you’re a firearms enthusiast with experience instructing others on how to use and operate firearms safely, then you may be interested in becoming a firearms instructor. This is a great way to share your passion for firearms with others and help them learn how to handle and use firearms safely. Aside from having your firearm licenses and permits, you would also need to undergo training and officially receive certification to be recognized as a credible firearm instructor.

Here are factors to expect or prepare for when you learn how to become a firearms instructor:

Common Topics Training Covers

Firearms instructors have a lot of material to cover in their courses. One such topic is the safe handling of firearms. This includes both how to handle firearms safely when carrying them and how to avoid potentially dangerous situations while shooting. Another important topic is proper firing techniques. Instructors teach trainees the right way to hold and fire a gun and how to adjust for factors like windage and distance.

In addition to safety and firing techniques, many courses also include instruction on state and federal gun laws. Trainees learn what they are allowed to do with a firearm under the law and what activities could result in criminal charges. Finally, many classes also touch on basic first aid principles that can be applied in an accidental shooting injury.

Shooting Range Technologies

Whether you choose to work for a range or are thinking of running your own, you need to be updated on the latest shooting range technologies so you can better explain them to your trainees when necessary. These technologies affect their overall shooting experience and how they will progress in their training. Here are a few shooting range technologies:

Digital Registration

The best way to register for a shooting range is to do so online using a digital registration system. This system allows potential members to input their information and sign up for membership quickly and easily. It also allows the range to keep track of member data and preferences, making the registration process simpler and more efficient. This system will also help the range keep track of guns in their inventories, whether the range owns them or they’re being kept in storage for members. This will help the range manager keep track of what’s happening at all times without fearing the loss of essential documents and records.

Virtual Targets

Indoor shooting ranges often use targets made of cardboard or paper, which must be replaced. However, your range can benefit from advancing technologies and switch towards target solutions that can help you save costs in the long run and attract new members. You can achieve this by installing a virtual shooting range system that still allows members to fire live ammo while aiming at virtual targets. This reduces the need to replace targets from hangers manually and provides members with virtual options. You can also maximize this technology to teach your trainees about gun safety and handling in simulated real-world scenarios.

Digital Gun Safes

Most shooting ranges have gun safes to safely store firearms when not in use. These safes come in various shapes and sizes and can have features that protect guns in case of a fire in the vicinity. These safes are often bolted down to prevent them from being easily stolen. They are also regularly inspected for damage or wear. As a firearm instructor, you should know how to use these safes to properly store and lock firearms inside and to keep these guns away from unauthorized personnel. You should also know what steps to take if the lock is damaged or the combination is forgotten.

Focus on hand placing a handgun inside a safe

Offering Your Services

Once certified as a firearms instructor, you can offer your services to individuals and groups in your area. You can also advertise your services online or through local classifieds. When offering your services, list your qualifications and experience as a firearms instructor. You should highlight the types of services you offer, such as private lessons, group classes, or both. You can also provide customized instruction for those with specific needs or goals.

Meanwhile, you can also establish your own shooting range. This endeavor will come with additional costs and require more time and effort on your part. But if you’re passionate about firearms instruction and have the resources to do so, this can be a great way to get started in the business. You can also look into partnering with a local gun shop. This can provide you with resources to teach trainees, store your equipment, and can also help promote your business.

Becoming a firearms instructor is a great way to share your knowledge and passion for firearms with others. It’s also a great way to make extra money or start your own business. Knowing what to expect and preparing for the challenges ahead can help you succeed in this venture.

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