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Beef Up! Raising Cattle

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cattleCattle are only some of the most domesticated animals in the world. Many consider them as a farmer’s starter animal, as they’re docile — a trait that makes them easy to take care of. There are some things you need to keep into account to make sure investing in them will yield profits and satisfaction.

Here are some of them:

Types of Cattle

The first thing you have to keep in mind is the type of cattle you want to raise. There many different types of cow, and choosing must be in line with your goals. For instance, go for dairy cows if you want to make a living through cheeses, yogurts and ice creams. Choose beef cows if you’re more focused to selling meats. Take note that different types of cattle require different types of care and management.

The Home

Direct Trades Supply says the specifications of the home will depend on the type of the cattle you want to bring in. If you’re raising dairy cattle, there should be a milking facility. You may want to build a separate slaughterhouse if you’re raising beef cows. Regardless, there should be a vast grazing area where the cattle can eat and mingle. You may also heighten the security by installing fences and getting a herding dog.

The Food

The food depends on the type of cattle you’re raising. For beef cows, grass and hay usually do. For dairy cows, you can feed them with alfalfa hay or a mixed ration. Pelleted soybean, wet corn gluten, greens, cottonseeds and straw are also ideal food. Just make sure the food has high levels of protein, fat and fibre.

Don’t forget about the business plan. It’s integral to the operation. It should include the operational expenses, marketing overheads and expenditures for the maintenance of the cattle’s health. The plan must also cover breeding, weaning and milk production.

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