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Relationship with Your Children

Before You Say Goodbye: Things You Risk When You File For Divorce

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Relationship with Your ChildrenMarriage, like any relationship, has its trials. Unfortunately, there are circumstances that mediation and counselling can’t resolve. This time, dissolution of marriage may be the solution.

Marital problems may arise from simple situations such as irreconcilable differences or three years of separate living. It may also come from graver causes like impotence, adultery, desertion, neglect, felony, maltreatment, alcohol dependency, and insanity. When faced with these troubles, a couple may file for petition and get a divorce attorney. Utah law only requires the appealing spouse to be a state resident for three months prior to the application.

Ending a marriage may seem the right thing to do, but as a divorcee, you must be ready for some repercussions.

Your Reputation

Utahans have a strong belief in marriage and family, despite the light regulations in divorce. Going through the legal process leaves a negative impression, not only in the eyes of family, but in the eyes of the public also. It leaves a stigma that associates the whole family with the reasons of the failed marriage. Whatever the cause and decision of the court may be, people will always speculate about your ability to sustain a relationship and a family.

Relationship with Your Children

The court suggests not involving your kids with the process as much as possible. Unfortunately, the process will always involve discussing your children’s custody and support. Whether you keep them or not, the separation process will leave a scar alienating you from their feelings. They may rebel or be emotionally unstable. Though counselling and therapy may relieve the trauma, they will still feel incomplete without one of their parents by their side.

Your Financial Situation

Apart from the property division, you will be facing other financial issues like child support and the processing fees. The procedure can be quite costly. Expenses include the filing fee, OCAP fees, payment for the records and statistics office, petition and summons fee, lawyer PF, copying costs, and even the divorce education and orientation fees for the children.

Dissolving the family may sometimes be the only solution. Continuing a dysfunctional marriage may cause bigger problems and trauma. But before you say goodbye to your spouse, consider the aftermath and your actions—if only to soften your fall.

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