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Making a Business out of Your Home Maintenance Skills

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Being adept at a variety of home repair and cleaning tasks does not only make for a clean and well-maintained home. It is also a perfect start for a thriving business.

The COVID-19 pandemic gave homeowners more room to focus on their homes and what features are lacking in them. This revitalized interest in home improvement has presented an opportunity to capitalize on the shifting needs of households in various communities.

Here are things you should do to prepare the launch of your home servicing business.

Assessing the Viability of Your Business

While home maintenance services will not require as much preparation and planning as businesses that are selling physical products, it is still important to take steps to prepare for its launch.

1. See how you can expand your skill set

While it is a must to have a core set of services that you are able to offer based on your skills and experience, it is never a bad idea to grow your expertise. It expands the customer base that you can serve and even allows you to include niche services in your offerings.

Taking tree surgeon courses makes you uniquely qualified to tend to the yards of customers who require significant tree care. Highlighting specialties like these as one of your services helps differentiate you from other competitors who have similar offerings.

2. Curate the services you can offer

Aside from taking classes to expand your skill set, a productive way to curate your list of services is to consult with fellow homeowners on the kinds of tasks that they would outsource. This gives you a good grasp of what kind of jobs you will typically be getting once you launch.

Catering to your local community first and foremost is important, as the people you know who are nearby will be your first clients. Friends and neighbors are also able to provide good feedback on how satisfactory your services are.

It is good to remember that curating your services does not mean strictly offering those jobs only. Different homes require different repairs and maintenance.

Anticipate that some needs will not quite fit into your list offerings. Allow them to give a rundown of the issues they are experiencing and provide a cost estimate based on that.

3. Prepare your equipment

Before embarking on your first few jobs, you also need to run an inventory on the equipment you already have. This helps you know what you may need down the line.

This is also a good time to replace old or faulty equipment. Customers will not be reassured if you arrive in their home with subpar tools in hand. Do regular checks on your things and make sure they are clean in time for your next scheduled service.

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Other Matters to Consider

Once you have the important parts about your services and equipment ready, take the time to look into the marketing and administrative responsibilities of starting your business from home.

1. Decide on your service hours

Your work hours will depend on if you are pursuing your business full-time or part-time. This determines your availability. With many people still staying safely indoors due to the virus, however, flexibility is also a plus when it comes to your scheduling.

Aside from deciding on your service days, have a time window in which interested customers know that you are available to respond to their inquiries. Knowing when to contact you prevents the loss of potential clients due to unresponsiveness.

2. Map out your logistics

Since you will be bringing equipment of different sizes to your clients’ homes, you should also plan your transportation. Make sure to check that all of your tools easily fit into your car to avoid any mishaps along the way. Pack and arrange them properly, too, to ensure that no damage occurs in transit.

3. Market your business

Set up a page online to reach your social circles and inform people that your business is up and running. Make sure that your contact information is complete and that people are able to understand what you offer through your social media content.

Word of mouth is also an important way to market your new business. Your neighbors and the people in your local community are some of the first people who will show interest in what you have to offer. Talk to fellow small business owners also, as the pandemic has built camaraderie among local businesses who need extra support.

As you find support and build a customer base in your community, your business will begin to grow on its own.

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