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Cake in the Office: Should You Say Yes, Always?

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Cake in the officeAnyone’s birthday is a good excuse to have cake (or other sweets) in the office. After all, it is a birthday – a reason to celebrate and have a piece (or two) of fluffy cake.

The culture of bringing treats to the office, however, is not exclusive to birthdays. Any form of celebration (e.g., office wins, pregnancy announcements, the holidays and engagements) calls for a round of cake, doughnuts and other forms of sweets.

While employees rejoice at the sight of free treats, any health expert or Potters Bar dentist will shake their head.

Closed Cubicles and Cake

The office is a wellspring of treats high in sugar. With workplaces moving on from the traditional bowl of candies, this fact is no longer surprising.

Offices now understand that food is the way to their employees’ hearts. To encourage motivation and better performance, they stock their kitchens with crisps, popcorn, sweets and other treats. During birthdays, they offer cake to the celebrants – without any fail. Insurance is no longer the only selling point for prospective employees; snack perks are now part of the mix.

Free food creates a welcoming atmosphere that brings the team together. Unfortunately, it rips their health apart.

Anything but that Slice of Cake

When a considerate colleague offers you a slice of cake or a piece of chocolate, is it rude to refuse?

Apart from fearing the title ‘Office Killjoy’, science insists it is more difficult to resist food when it is nearby. How could you refuse that piece of cake on a plate, ready to be eaten? But once you eat a slice, the cycle of snacking is more difficult to end.

Random snacking lies to the brain, insisting you still need to eat when you are already full. As a result, you eat more than what you need, putting yourself at risk for physical and dental issues.

Workplace Willpower

Fortunately, more workplaces realise the importance of staying fit, encouraging their team to eat healthier options. Apart from that, your willpower also has a role to play.

If cake or other pastries are present, will indulging be worth it? Consider your options first and motivate yourself to refuse.

A piece of cake never hurt anyone, but remember: think before you eat.

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