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Chair Mats: Should You Use Them?

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Woman buying chair mats while on her phoneAlthough safeguarding your carpeting or flooring might not be something you think of when setting up an office, it’s a vital consideration that you should take into account. Aside from protecting your carpet or flooring from tread tracks and premature wear and tear, a chair mat for your carpet would also make moving easier for you. But what exactly is a chair mat and do you actually need one?

Chair mat basics

Put simply, a chair mat is a protective mat for your flooring or carpet. It serves as a barrier between your flooring and office chair to prevent damage and spread the load evenly. Chair mats come in various materials, such as plastic, rubber, and wood. Depending on the specific type, they could likewise enhance your office’s aesthetic appeal.

Should you use a chair mat? Yes

The standard office chair places a significant amount of pressure on floor surfaces, regardless of the flooring material. This is because when sitting down, your entire weight would be focused onto the chair’s small wheels, which constantly moves throughout the day. This and other contributing factors could easily damage even the sturdiest tiles, hard-woods, and carpets over time. This is true with wood flooring, as the harsh action of the wheels could literally leave gashes on the wood’s surface.

If you have vinyl flooring, going without a chair mat could easily result in grooves on the floor surface. If you have carpeting, be ready for uneven wear and significant tread tracks. Basically, your swivel office chair could be extremely damaging unless you protect your flooring by using a chair mat.

Chair mats for carpeting and other flooring surfaces protect against all sorts of damage. They also make you feel more confident when rolling your chair since they help you move more smoothly.

Make sure to shop around when buying chair mats. Don’t just buy from the first shop that you see.

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