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Wooden floor

Common Floor Mishaps (And What You Can Do To Prevent These)

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Wooden floorBruises, concussions, broken bones – these are only some of the injuries a person may acquire even just by staying at home. Despite the efforts of many owners to maintain a safe yet attractive home, accidents may still happen. One of the main culprits in these mishaps is faulty flooring.

Floor Restorations Ltd. stated that homeowners should be more cautious with their choices when it comes to their flooring, after all, some accidents could cause lifelong impairment, or worse, death. Different kinds of circumstances may cause slips, trips, or falls, but before these could happen, homeowners can take preventive measures for these cases.


The most common form of floor accident, slips are consequences of wet, soiled, or worn floors. It is important to pay attention to any spilled items – whether liquid or solid – that may cause unsteady footing for any person who steps on it. Keep cleaning materials in areas that are easy to access for quick clean up. Have regular maintenance on the flooring material and check if the protective coating has worn off. Floors that are too smooth, despite the attractiveness, contribute to slips and falls. These are not just applicable to flat areas of the house but to staircases as well.


Be aware of any floor obstructions than can hinder movement. Typically encountered by families with kids, scattered playthings are the major cause of this mishap. This consists of other objects left on the floor, loose flooring, holes and chips. Similar to slipping, cleaning up and maintenance are also preventive measures for trips, nevertheless, homeowners should make sure that from the beginning, the flooring materials used for their home should be durable and flexible enough to avoid cracks and loosening. It is also important to make sure that the flooring job is even and smooth to avoid lumps that may cause tripping accidents.


Usually the result of slips and trips, falling can be an accident on its own. Doing chores in tall platforms like ladders and stools is an example of this accident. Hyperactive kids who habitually climb tall furniture are also common victims. Even with thorough care and countermeasures, falls happen from time to time, causing bruises, fractures and dislocated bones. Homeowners can choose to install carpets and carpet tiles to help soften falls to avoid graver injuries.

The proverb “Prevention is better than cure” is applicable not just in health but in all aspects. Despite accidents being unforeseeable, there can be steps taken to prevent them from happening and by doing so, you safeguard not just yourself, but your loved ones as well.

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