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Do You Grind Your Teeth? You May Have Bruxism

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Man Grinding TeethDid you notice your teeth became suddenly shorter? You may be grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw too much. Maybe you have a condition called Bruxism. With Bruxism, you may even have headaches, dizziness, vertigo, earache, and other problems.

A dentist here in Stoke-on-Trent will be able to confirm if you have Bruxism and help you take action.

Mostly Due to Stress

Experts attribute Bruxism mostly to stress. American celebrity Demi Moore recently told Jimmy Fallon on the late night host’s show that she sheared her two front teeth due to stress. Bruxism can also occur when new fillings are uneven, disturbing your bite.

You may be grinding your teeth to even out the filling, which may give you Bruxism as the grinding may become a habit.

Get Botox

In the case of severe Bruxism, just like Loose Women’s Nadia Sawalha, you may have to resort to Botox here in Stoke-on-Trent. Botox can relax the muscles in your mouth, preventing you from clenching your jaw.

Nadia Sawalha receives injections every six months to keep herself from losing all her teeth.

Use a Splint

Once diagnosed, your dentist may treat with a Michigan splint, a kind of occlusal splint. Made of hard plastic, the splint fits over your upper or lower teeth. The splint protects your teeth and realigns your jaw, besides breaking your Bruxism.

Deal with the Stress

Of course, you can also deal with the sources of stress itself to stop your Bruxism. You can learn relaxation techniques that can help you sleep better. You can undergo cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), proven effective in reducing Bruxism.

You can also become more conscious of yourself whenever you grind your teeth or clench your jaw to break the habit.

You can talk with a dentist for more in-depth help that also factors in your personal struggle. The earlier you deal with Bruxism, the safer you will be.

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