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Easy Carpet Fixes: Are Your Seams Starting to Show?

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Amtico Flooring in UKThere is nothing like a chic carpet to add a touch of elegance in your UK home – unless its seams start to show more every day. A high-traffic location, direct lighting, poor installation or simply ageing can cause this. For a solution, you may either purchase a new carpet or get in touch with a pro to switch to another type of flooring such as Amtico Flooring.

On the other hand, if you are willing to do it yourself, hiding the carpet seams is also doable. All you need is some free time, a little elbow grease and this article.

Step 1: Prepare your tools.

To get started on achieving your preferred look, prepare a glue gun, carpet glue sticks and weights. Ensure that getting these tools still outweigh the costs of asking a professional for help. Do you want to waste time, effort and funds when a pro could have done it in the first place?

Step 2: Determine the problem.

This is when you have to diagnose the problem, which is usually either seam splitting or peaking. Splitting happens when your carpet seams break apart and leave a slit. Meanwhile, peaking occurs when a couple of loose seams bends upwards, causing a slope or a peak.

Step 3: Execute the solution

Repairing this is actually pretty easy. For basic fixes such as split seams and minor peaking, just seam tape or re-glue the affected area. If you decide to use glue, warm up the glue gun and apply a substantial amount of the carpet glue below the edges. Afterwards, press the edges, weigh them down and wait for a few hours until it dries up.

Bring back the appeal of your carpet by repairing those annoying seams. In just a matter of hours, you will have a carpet that is good as new.

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