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Helping the Elderly: Empowering the Aged Using Technology

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Technology has been a crucial part of how we live our lives. From how we communicate to how we shop, technology constantly evolves and improves how people interact with their surroundings. The same applies to assisted living facilities, where older adults can live in a safe environment that provides them the care they need as they age. Assisted living facilities have come a long way from what they were before technology came into play which is why caring for seniors has become easier over time.

Assisted living facilities are becoming more and more technologically advanced every year. This is a trend that will surely continue as technology evolves and becomes integrated into our everyday lives. The more that these facilities are enhanced, the better the lives of older people will become. Therefore, the influence of technology holds a lot of promise for assisted living facilities.

How Technology Enhances Assisted Living Facilities

Technology has changed how older adults live. The way we live today is so different from the past. In a few decades, technology will have transformed society even further. We need to prepare for this future now and make sure that older people are not left behind in these changes.

 By using technology to improve the lives of older adults, assisted living facilities can help them continue enjoying their life while making it easier for family members who want to visit or stay in touch with their loved ones in these facilities. Here are some ways you can leverage technology to empower your residents at home or in an assisted living facility:

  • Enable remote monitoring of residents’ health

Technology enables healthcare providers to monitor the health of residents remotely, which is a great way to know how they are doing day and night. Technology has made the monitoring process more convenient and efficient. That, in turn, helps healthcare providers to provide better care. For example, a resident with diabetes might need regular sugar level checks which can be done remotely with technology.

  • Automated reminders

Automated reminders have also been made possible by technology. Reminders are essential for those living in assisted living facilities because they help them remember how and when to do things like take medication or call their family members. Technology enables the assisted living facility to remind residents about scheduled appointments and how much medication they need. It can also remind them of their routines.

  • Leverage technology to provide entertainment

Residents in assisted living facilities can use tablets, computers, or television screens with built-in features such as Netflix for their own enjoyment while also connecting with friends. Providing entertainment and meaningful connections can help stimulate creativity and emotional well-being for older adults.

  • Connecting with friends

Residents in assisted living facilities can use gadgets to connect with their friends. After all, technology has made it easier for people to communicate over the Internet. Therefore, older adults can go online and reach out to friends living in another part of the world. This way, older adults get to socialize without compromising their well-being and comfort.

  • Getting in touch with loved ones during emergencies

Apart from the ability to connect with friends and loved ones, assisted living facilities also use technology to keep their residents in touch during emergencies. For example, in disasters that require evacuation, many of these residences have emergency alerts that reach out automatically through various channels (e.g., text messages). With this, older adults can quickly find a safe place to go to in an emergency. They can use gadgets to contact their loved ones if they need their loved ones during an emergency.

  • Helping older adults get access to knowledge and information

Recently, technology has also allowed for a lot of information to be shared with older adults. For example, many assisted living facilities have access to smartphones and tablets so that they can go online to look up anything they want (e.g., how to cook a specific dish). In addition, older adults often use iPads or other mobile devices to watch how-to videos that can educate them about new ways to accomplish tasks.

Technology for Older Adults

Technology’s benefits extend to older adults because it helps make their lives easier by improving how they communicate with those around them. Assisted living facilities benefit from technology because these facilities help older adults lead a more comfortable life. In addition to this, technology is also beneficial for caregivers and healthcare providers because it helps them monitor how older adults are doing. This way, they have better chances of guaranteeing good health outcomes for older adults.

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