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Essential Oils

Essential Oils: 5 Fast and Essential Facts

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Essential OilsPerhaps you’ve heard about the power of essential oils, but are still unsure if you should try using it in your daily life or not. If you need more convincing, look at the following 5 essential oils facts that might help you.

  1. Bet you didn’t know that the ancient Egyptians actually recorded their use of essential oils through hieroglyphics and that the Bible actually references uses of essential oils 188 times.
  2. Essential oils could be utilized in many ways. You could add them to your drinks or food, your bath, dispersed in the air, and applied on your skin. Some people even take essential oils orally as a daily supplement, in addition to typical pharmaceutical grade vitamins and medications.
  3. Many studies documented the effects and benefits of using essential oils. notes that some oils boost your immune system and improve skin, mood, and muscles. Others support emotional and mental clarity, while some promote relaxation and act as antibacterials or antifungals. According to Dr. Wallach, the founder of Youngevity, essential oils contain many different types of molecules that offer regeneration, healing, and overall good health.
  4. They are actually extremely concentrated plant extracts, such that one drop of lavender essential oil is equal to multiple cups of lavender tea. The quantity of plant material need for distillation is the reason why some essential oils are costlier than other oils. However, because you only use tiny amounts of oils at a given time, even expensive essential oils are actually cost-effective, even economical.
  5. Essential oils are easily absorbed by your skin, which means that your bloodstream could distribute oils to your cells in mere minutes. They could likewise enhance oxygen uptake, help in detoxification, and improve nutrient absorption.

However, it’s vital to note that the purity of the essential oil is extremely crucial. Before, the majority of essential oils were widely used in industrial and veterinary settings, as air fresheners, or flavoring in food so quality wasn’t really that big of a deal. Nowadays, however, purity is of utmost importance, which means that if you’re serious about using essential oils and experiencing its benefits, you have to make certain that you get your oils from a reputable manufacturer.

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