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Essentials for Starting a Drain Cleaning Company

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If you want to start a drain cleaning company, you must know what to buy. The drain cleaning company will need manpower and tools for you to address the concerns of your customers or clients.

You must purchase a full cargo van. Your clients will be in various places.

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Reaching them should be easy. And this is where a cargo van comes in handy. It will carry you, your employees, and the tools you will use to do unclogging and other drain-cleaning activities. The van should have a company logo to market your business. You cannot be showing up at your client with a pickup. Ensure you purchase a van.

You will also need to have a drain-cleaning camera. It is important for going down drains and locating tree roots, dips, and pipes. The camera should be able to record on an SD card so that you can show your clients exactly what you found and what they have in their pipes. You can begin your drain cleaning company with a simple generator.

Alongside a hydrojet, you can pressure wash all the drains inside the pipes. It can also clear out tree roots, and clean out sludge. You cannot afford to ignore it. You will need a small drain cleaning camera. You can stick it down p-trap sinks, and bathtubs and locate small toys kids might stick down the drainage system.


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