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The Three Essentials of Starting a Cafe

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One of the most common small businesses in the United States is cafes or coffee shops. These shops aim to serve customers the best cup of coffee possible along with some pastries or light snacks. However, it’s also one of the most competitive businesses to start.

It’s estimated that there are 65,000 coffee shops in the country, and many more are planning to open in the coming years. Naturally, this means there’s a lot of competition if you’re planning to start your coffee shop.

If you’re planning on opening up your café, there are specific steps you should take to be successful. Here are the essentials you need when starting one.

Start Budgeting

The first step is to start budgeting for your new business. This means looking at the costs of starting and running a coffee shop. You’ll need to factor in the cost of equipment, supplies, rent, and more. Let’s do a rough budget for the things you need.


One of the essential pieces of equipment you need is a coffee machine. A good quality coffee machine can cost anywhere from $600 to $5,000. You’ll also need a grinder, which can cost around $100 to $200. Finally, if you want to offer espresso-based drinks, you’ll need an espresso machine, which can cost $300 to $1,500.


In addition to equipment, you’ll need supplies for your coffee shop. This includes things like coffee beans, sugar, milk, and cups. If you’re planning to do pastries, you’ll need flour and other baking items. It’s also good to stock some nitrous oxide canisters. These are essential if you want to add whip cream to your pastries. It’s a staple for many pastries in the country. You can expect to spend around $100 to $200 monthly on supplies.


The next expense is rent. Depending on the location of your coffee shop, rent can be costly. The rent depends entirely on your state, but the average rent in the country is around $23 per square meter. So if you rent a space that’s 200 square meters, your monthly rent would be approximately $4,600.


You’ll also need to factor in the cost of utilities, including electricity, water, and trash. These costs will depend on the size of your coffee shop and the location. But you can expect to spend around $100 to $200 monthly on utilities.

Now that you have a rough idea of the costs of starting a coffee shop, you can start budgeting for your new business. First, look at your finances and see how much you can realistically afford to spend on your new venture. You may need to get a loan or invest money from savings to help cover the costs.

Look for the Right Location

The next step is looking for the right coffee shop location. The location of your business is crucial to its success. You want to pick a visible and easily accessible spot to potential customers. You also want to ensure the rent is affordable and there are no zoning issues.

Avito space ready for lease

When looking for a location, keep in mind that foot traffic is essential for a coffee shop. The more people who walk by your shop, the more likely you will get customers. Try to find a location on a busy street or shopping center. You can also look for locations near schools or office buildings. These are all places where people are likely to need coffee.

Another important factor to consider is parking. If your customers can’t find a place to park, they’re less likely to come to your shop. Try to find a location with off-street parking or a nearby parking garage.

The last thing you want to consider is the competition. You don’t want to open up your coffee shop right next to another one. But you also don’t want to open in an area where there are no other coffee shops. If there are no other coffee shops, it may be because the demand isn’t there. Alternatively, if there are already several coffee shops, it may be because the market is saturated.

You can use websites like Yelp and Google Maps to research potential locations for your coffee shop.


Lastly, you need to think about marketing. Marketing is how you will let people know about your coffee shop and get them to come in. There are many different ways to market a business. But some of the most effective methods for coffee shops include print ads, online ads, and word-of-mouth.

Print Ads

Print ads are a great way to reach potential customers who live or work near your coffee shop. You can place ads in local newspapers or magazines. You can also put up flyers in nearby businesses.

Online Ads

Online ads are another great way to reach potential customers. You can place ads on websites or social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. You can also use Google AdWords to create online ads that appear when people search for coffee shops in your area.


Word-of-mouth is one of the most effective forms of marketing. When people hear about a great coffee shop from a friend, they’re more likely to try it out. You can encourage word-of-mouth marketing by offering loyalty programs or discounts to customers who refer new business to your shop.

Now that you know the three essentials of starting a café, you can start planning your own business. Use this guide as a resource to help you budget for your new venture and find the perfect location. With the right preparation, you can be on your way to owning a successful coffee shop.

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