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Making work fun a Group of Mature Adults taking a play Break in a modern office to get ideas flowing

Encouraging Exercise in the Workplace

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Exercise is crucial for health and productivity so, as a business owner, you have to encourage exercise in the workplace. Instead of leaving it up to chance and hoping your employees will be the ones to initiate a movement, you need to get creative and come up with some fun ways for them to stay active while they’re working. Here are some steps that you can take to do this.

Designers having fun with a swivel chair in their office

1. Install a treadmill or elliptical machine in the office.

This is an easy way to get people moving without having to take up a lot of space. Plus, it’s something that can be used throughout the day, whether people are taking a break or working on a project. Make sure that the equipment is in a central location so that everyone can access them but separate enough from the area of work to avoid distracting other employees.

2. Hold walking meetings.

If you have a lot to discuss, consider holding a walking meeting instead of sitting in a conference room. This is a great way for people to get some exercise and fresh air while they’re working. You can just walk around the office building or go outdoors while seeing new sights. This should help to give them a break from the usual workplace setting and increase creativity.

3. Provide standing desks.

Not everyone is comfortable with working out in the open, so you can also provide employees with standing desks. This is a great way to get people up and moving without them feeling self-conscious. Plus, it can help to improve their posture and burn more calories.

4. Organize a fitness challenge.

This is a great way to get people pumped up about being active. Choose a challenging workout routine or fitness goal and have employees compete against each other to see who can achieve it first. You can challenge them to take steps, complete a certain number of squats, or do anything else that gets people moving. Get them to invest in exercise clothes like compression shorts and breathable tops to make the exercise more efficient for them as well.

5. Have a wellness room.

This is a great way to provide employees with a space where they can relax and rejuvenate. Offer yoga classes, meditation sessions, and other wellness activities in this room to help employees decompress and rejuvenate. You can also provide massage chairs, healthy snacks, and other amenities to make it a stress-free space.

6. Encourage breaks.

Encouraging employees to take breaks is a great way to get them up and moving. Offering them a designated break area where they can walk around or do some light stretching can help them refresh and re-energize. You can also provide them with healthy snacks and drinks to help them refuel.

7. Provide healthy snacks and beverages.

If you want your employees to be healthy, you need to provide them with healthy snacks and beverages. This means snacks like fresh fruit, vegetables, and nuts instead of processed foods and sugary drinks. By providing these healthy options, you’re not only encouraging employees to be active, but you’re also helping them to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

8. Make the office a fun place to be.

If you want employees to be active, you need to make the office a fun place to be. This means adding in some fun decor, organizing team-building activities, and providing other enjoyable distractions from work. By doing this, you’ll help employees to take a break from their usual tasks and encourage them to move around.

9. Promote healthy living outside of work.

Encouraging employees to be active is great, but you also need to promote healthy living outside of the workplace. This means providing them with resources like healthy recipes, fitness tips, and information on how to live a healthier lifestyle. By doing this, you’re helping employees to make healthy choices not only at work but also at home.

10. Reward employees for being active.

Finally, reward employees for being active. This could mean giving them a certificate of appreciation, providing them with a discount on their health insurance premiums, or taking them out to lunch. By rewarding them for their efforts, you’ll encourage them to continue being active and help to improve their overall health.

When it comes to encouraging employees to be active, there are many things you can do. By providing them with options like walking meetings, standing desks, and a wellness room, you’ll give them the opportunity to be active in a way that’s comfortable for them. You can also organize fitness challenges, provide healthy snacks and beverages, and make the office a fun place to be. By promoting healthy living outside of work, you’ll help employees to make healthy choices not only at work but also at home. Finally, reward employees for being active to encourage them to continue being active and improve their overall health.

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