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Express Your Love: Romantic Date and Vacation Ideas

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sunsetThe concept of a date night for most couples involves going to dinner or seeing a movie. In most cases, the purpose of these is to celebrate an anniversary or other romantic occasion. While these ideas are fine, they are very common and not memorable enough. It is best to go to a place you have never been before or try an activity that both of you have never tried.

Skip the dinner and movie and try these romantic date and vacation ideas:

Watch the Sunset

Many couples rarely get to see the sunset together. St Luke’s Private Villas suggests going on a romantic getaway to change that. Sunsets are always best when you are with the person you love most, as you just have to sit next to each other and admire the beauty of the setting sun.

Hit Comedy Bar and Trivia Pubs

Have a night full of laughter by taking your partner to a comedy bar. Be prepared to play along if the entertainer calls you out or asks you to come on stage. You can also try going to a local pub or bar that organises trivia nights or a pub quizzes.

Take a Dance Lesson

Look for a dance class near you and sign up for swing or salsa lessons. You and your partner can also stay for the all-couple dance session for more practice or head out to the local bar to show your moves. If both of you find the lesson interesting, you can sign-up for full lessons and try other types of dance.

Go Extreme

Get your blood pumping by trying an extreme activity like bungee jumping. Choose a double harness so you can experience it together. Science proves that when two people release adrenaline together, it creates a better bond between them.

Go Horseback Riding

Look for romantic horseback riding trail packages that can give you an opportunity to stop anywhere for pictures or set your own pace. You can also look for a private guided ride through the hills.

Try these romantic date night and vacation ideas to reconnect as a couple and strengthen your relationship. It is also best to the things you both enjoy to have a fun filled and memorable date.

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