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Employee Retention: Extra Measures You Can Take

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Employees are valuable assets of a company. They are integral in every part of the operations, ensuring that those areas run smoothly. One of your top priorities should be filling up every position with highly skilled candidates, which starts with an efficient recruitment process.

However, you cannot expect that every hire you make will become a long-term member. Some of them might end up being bad hires, requiring you to seek replacements. Others resign from their posts, seizing better or more convenient career opportunities. While these situations are common occurrences, it might be unpleasant to get a high employee turnover rate.

Business owners must take action when they notice that employees leave their respective companies at a fast rate. Much of the efforts need to come from you in the form of employee retention strategies. You can compile a list of standard packages that make your company more attractive. Your most talented employees might still receive better offers. The extra effort might be necessary, and here are a few options to exhaust to keep highly skilled workers.

Efficient Commute

Part of the most efficient retention strategies involves solving employee problems. Sometimes, those things do not happen at their work. The commute to the office is part of the routine, but some of your best workers might be far from the area of operations. It might take hours for a person to arrive at the workplace, especially when considering the traffic they experience daily. Unfortunately, a few workers might not have the luxury to afford a car, forcing them to use public transportation.

Employees value their time and effort, which means companies should too. The commute can be a source of frustration, and taking them away could help reflect your desire to make their lives feel more convenient in your company. Providing a car allowance could solve their issues with the commute. Company vehicles are also an option. The strategy also allows you to keep them safe on the road at all times.

For employees with cars, dashcam installations could be helpful should they find themselves getting involved in an accident. Gas allowance is also a welcome gesture. Eliminating their commute worries with a vehicle might be enough to show that you care for their well-being, even if it involves investing a lot of money in the retention strategy.

employees relocating office


Despite efforts to make the commute efficient, some employees might still be far enough from the workplace. Location is one of the factors why people take a job, but there might be instances where they have to move to a home far from the office despite remaining under contract. If you feel the need to retain employees, you can provide employee relocation benefits. Funding the moving expenses, housing needs, and financial support for the employee’s family could show that you do not want the valuable asset to leave.

The employee relocation package must only apply to those who you perceive as irreplaceable in your company. The strategy costs a lot of money, even more than the salary and benefits the worker receives. While it might not be a rare move for employee retention, the person who received the relocation package has a higher chance of staying knowing you willingly invested in the program.

Flexible Work Arrangements

Employees who proved their worth to the company deserve recognition. Climbing through the promotion ranks to the point of being at the top level is no easy feat. You can classify those employees as the most valuable assets. However, their achievements might mean that they no longer receive the challenges they overcome. Unfortunately, that situation could lead them to find other opportunities that help them grow. Some of them might even consider setting up a business.

Encouraging those employees to do what they want should be a priority, even if it means less focus on their tasks. Setting up flexible work arrangements enables them to take on a challenge outside of their work for the company, leading to a more satisfying life.

There will be days when they have to come to the office like the average employee, but the new routine could help them grow. Even half their performance and experience might be better than whatever you can find on the market, making it necessary to avoid being an obstacle to the new challenge they want to face.

Employees that prove their worth to the company deserve special recognition, especially if you want to avoid losing them. The extra efforts could be the key to retaining your best workers, making it necessary to insert them into the exclusive package.


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