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home fitness

Fitness and Construction: Building Your Own Home Gym

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home fitnessSummer may be over in Australia, but that does not mean your commitment to have a healthier and better-looking body ends with it. Your quest for fitness continues, and if you ever have trouble maintaining workout programs by going to very far off gyms and fitness centres, you can always build your own gym in the backyard.

It will be your personal playground. Here is how you do it.

Location and Structure

Any gym is basically just four walls and a roof, with exercise machines and implements. You can replicate that at home. If you think your house cannot accommodate exercise machines indoors, go to the backyard.

Plot a space and begin building. It can be as simple as digging into the soil to set your foundations. A little application of carpentry on basic plyboards will more or less do the job of setting up a flooring, and even squat walls. The outdoors can be a good workout spot because the sunlight can help stimulate your energy and even accelerate your circadian rhythm. Do not forget the awnings. You need to protect not only yourself, but also your gym equipment from the elements.

Or if you do not fancy doing construction from square one, ICL says you can just purchase surplus storage units from shipping container companies. This will already give you a pre-fabricated 8 x 20 x 8’ space. Just add in some windows, paint the walls and you are all set.


Investing in gym equipment is no different from investing in gym memberships. And in buying your own equipment, you can be sure that you are the only one who uses them.

With the basic structure of your backyard gym set up, you can then purchase weight racks, benches and other exercise machines. You can start with the basic, slowly adding equipment over time and as your budget will allow. If you think yourself capable, you can also be the one to build benches and other furniture with your carpentry skills.

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