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Five Mortal Sins When Editing Wedding Videos

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NewlywedsWhenever there’s a wedding, one emotion should prevail: joy. This emotion, though, often turns to sorrow when amateurs handle the video documentation of a couple’s special day. The wedding videography industry is growing fast, and for first-timers, the first wedding video can be the hardest.

Avoid making regrettable mistakes by steering clear of these mortal sins in shooting and editing wedding videos:

Awful shots

Wedding videography will require you to get as many shots as you can get. This is one of the instances wherein excessive quantities of footage are more than welcome. Do note, though, that it’s okay to exclude certain shots. Exercise discretion while you edit. Make sure there are no bad shots in the final output, especially if it is a same-day edit.

Botched continuity

Always coordinate with your team during the ceremony. Be aware of camera placement in the venue. Once you’re editing, be sure that the continuity is flawless so that it won’t look like you had a couple of reversed angles and jump cuts here and there.

Unfitting typeface

No title screen will ever be effective if you use the wrong font. Sure, you may have a high-quality animated background for the backdrop, but this wouldn’t be enough to salvage the first frame that everyone will see. The same concept applies to the portion where you insert the name of the person speaking on screen. Avoid crazy fonts, observe good taste, and ensure the correctness and readability of every word.

Tacky transitions

Your job as an editor is to weave a good story out of the event, not to show off your bag of editing tricks. Keep all transitions subtle and focus more on the narrative of the occasion. Let the couple’s undying love for each other take center stage.

Tasteless music

As much as everyone shares a universal love for music, not everyone likes the same tunes. The audio sets the tone of the video, and getting the wrong track for it can and will ruin the experience. Remember: couples are going to want to enjoy the video for years, so be sure you do it right. If you’re in doubt of the track, consult with the couple and seek their approval.

The objective of a wedding video is to immortalize a momentous occasion – in other words, the slightest mistake can ruin the whole endeavor. So, avoid these grave errors and produce a beautiful video that will forever encapsulate the special day.

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