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aerial yoga for kids

For the Young and the Young-at-Heart: Yoga with Kids

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aerial yoga for kidsBetter posture. Better metabolism. Better muscle strength and flexibility. Better concentration. All is better with yoga. It’s no wonder many yoga lovers and parents are inspired to share these benefits to younger kids. If you’re thinking about encouraging children to try toga, these tips can help you get started:

1. Show your moves.

Children learn best from example. One of the best ways you can inspire kids to do yoga is by practicing in an area where they can see for what you are doing. This will not just give them a primer of what to expect, but also conveys how important this routine is for you.

When your child asks to join, be patient in answering their questions. Tell them how yoga makes you feel more calm and healthy. This will make them understand and appreciate the benefits of the practice.

2. Enjoy their company.

Don’t be too serious. You may be tempted to teach them to achieve the right poses, which may take the fun out of the routine. Don’t be strict. Kids don’t learn that way. They become more engaged and interested if you make yoga an enjoyable routine for them.

Fitness experts from AntiGravity Fitness recommend taking your kids to Aerial Yoga classes. With the company of other kids who do yoga, your child will appreciate the fun in the routine even more.

3. Take yoga classes together.

Yoga classes take your ultimate yoga bonding experience to the next level. With this, your kid will feel that you’re doing something together—that you’re on the same team. It will make the whole routine more fun. Also, it will ensure that they get the right and safe training.

4. Make yoga part of your routine.

If your child is ready to learn more about yoga and wants to do it on a regular basis, choose a convenient time and be consistent in observing the schedule you set. It may be wiser to devote shorter sessions, like 15 minutes once a week, so as not to bore the kids.

Remember these things as you share the wonders of yoga to your kids. With these tips, you’ll guarantee a fruitful and fun yoga experience for them.

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