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For Variety: Creating a Fusion Interior Design

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Designing the interiors of your home will require you to select a theme that will unify all the things within it. Themes range from minimalistic, such as Japanese, to ornate, such as French. When it comes to this, you need to choose carefully, as the project can be very expensive.

But what if you want more than one them? No problem! You can always choose two or more themes and combine them. Such is a concept called fusion design.

Here are some strategies that will help you put everything together without making it look like a mess:

Create Zones

If you’re not comfortable with mixing things in one place but still want to embrace a cosmopolitan vibe, create a zone for each design/theme you’ll pick. For instance, you can implement Asian-inspired theme in your living room, while the ornate Parisian design will be evident in your dining room. The distinction created by zoning will make your entire home more interesting.

Choose Key Items

Should you decide to implement your chosen themes in one space, you are not supposed to put all the theme-inspired things. Choose a few from your chosen themes and then place them carefully in your space. For instance, you can have Japanese-inspired windows and French interior doors from Uber Doors. See to it that the items complement each other.

Make Items Complement Each Other

Make sure that the items will complement will each other, in terms of purpose and appearance. Otherwise, your space will look like a hodgepodge of mess. To aid you in this one, look for inspiration in magazines and online resources that talk about industrial style and eclectic design.

These are only three of the tips that will help you make your space look good with fusion design. If you think that you’re doing not well enough, you can always consult a reliable interior designer.

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