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Quit Smoking

Four Tricks to Help You Quit Smoking

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Quit SmokingMost people know the disadvantages of smoking but are unable to stop because nicotine is addictive. For years, researchers have tried to come up with solutions that help people get better and quit — but without success. The following suggestions could go a long way.

Set a date to quit

When you set a tentative date that you intend to stop smoking, you’re training your brain to accept this possibility. Quit Stop Now¬†says it’s important in any smoking help program to have that desire to end this habit. Once the motive is implanted in your mind, you may follow through with a plan.

Let the idea of quitting register in your mind. Put a clear reminder in your phone and journal of the date you choose.

Ignore the physical withdrawal symptoms

Motivate yourself to quit smoking no matter how tempting it is to go back. Most people fail because they fall into the trap of the urges.

The withdrawal symptoms of nicotine may be discomforting, so take heart. You may need help in dealing with the symptoms.

Substitute cigarettes with coffee

Every smoker has a beverage they associate with smoking. Every time you feel the urge to smoke, make a cup of your favourite beverage, which could be coffee or tea. The idea is to divert your attention elsewhere. This way, you will slowly forget about smoking and enjoy health drinks.

Do not seclude yourself

The best test of becoming a nonsmoker is to enjoy the same social events you used to when you were a smoker. Don’t avoid such events because they will indicate if you have indeed quit the behaviour. When you no longer envy smokers or need a puff to feel good, you’re truly free from the addictive behaviour.

Even with the said suggestions, you need a support group to motivate yourself. Not everyone is strong willed and able to overcome temptations. Find a program that appreciates your efforts and works with it.

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