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Glass Pool Fence

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing: Is It a Worthy Addition?

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Glass Pool FenceA beautiful and clean swimming pool often serves as the focal point of impeccably maintained yards in many Perth homes. Nonetheless, pools can also be a threat to the safety of the household, particularly to children and pets. Accidents may happen if there is no fencing or if the pool fence does not meet the Building Code of Australia.

Many designers faced serious challenges in creating a beautiful outdoor area for clients, while adhering to pool safety guidelines. Fortunately, this problem has since been resolved — all thanks to the availability of frameless glass pool fences.

As explained by, frameless glass pool fencing for Perth homes features many good qualities that make it ideal for pool areas.

Here are the primary characteristics of frameless glass fencing systems:

Elegance Meets Safety and Security

These fencing systems provide an elegant approach to maintaining safety and security in and around your swimming pool. You do not have to compromise the beauty and appeal of your home, while keeping your pool accident-free.

Optimal Clarity and Visibility

As they come in glass panels, these pool fences offer exceptional levels of clarity and visibility. This can be reassuring to parents and households with small children and pets. With the transparent panels, you can always see whatever is taking place in the pool area.

Sophisticated yet Minimalistic in Maintenance

Whilst frameless glass fences look sophisticated, they are still easy to clean and maintain. The panels do not require any special kind of maintenance to keep their aesthetic appeal. This means lower maintenance costs.

Who says you have to go over the top for your fences? With glass pool fencing, you can provide a safe and secure outdoor living space for yourself and your family.

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