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ready to rent car

For a Fun-Filled Vacation: Affordable Rent a Car Services in Perth

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ready to rent carOne of the most convenient ways to get around a bustling city like Perth is via car. You don’t necessarily have to buy one if you are just in the city for a visit because there are many rental options available. But, it is important to do some research to make sure you get the most affordable one that fits your budget and requirements.

Cars for rent in Perth are usually 8-seater, 5-seater models and others depending on your requirements. To help you make an informed decision, here are some simple tips from Aries Car Rental:

Check for Lower Rates Online

A lot of car reservations can be cancelled at the last minute. So, even after you have made a reservation, go back from time to time and see if there are new discounts and promotions being offered by other car rental companies.

Never Rent at the Airport

This is the golden rule to follow if you really want to save a lot of money when it comes to car hire services. Car rental agencies have a concession fee that they charge to customers. The amount can be ten percent of the rental cost of your car. While renting one at the airport may be convenient, understand that you are actually paying for that convenience. Try and rent a car somewhere else other than the airport if you want to get lower rates.

Beware of Hidden Fees and Extras

If the car rental company needs to top-off the gas tank once you return it, then it is possible that you will have to pay a bigger sum. Make sure to inquire about the car being filled up with petrol prior to using it and simply bring it back already filled with gas. Sometimes the website price does not provide the overall fees. When you go to the reservation page, you will notice that there are taxes and other fees that you need to pay other than the rental price of the car. Make sure that the price posted on their site is the one that you will actually pay upon pickup of the car.

Let these tips guide you in finding the right car to hire and enjoy your vacation in Perth.

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