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Home Renovation

More Than Function: 3 Ways to Add Fashion into Your Home

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Home RenovationRemodeling projects are a reality for homeowners everywhere. Chances are you have probably engaged in one before, whether by installing energy-efficient windows or re-insulating your walls and floors, but home improvements do not have to be all function over fashion. Now that your home is finally an energy efficient and functional haven, now is the time for a project to add to its wow factor.

You can turn your home from simple to stunning with the right vision and by working with the right people. Here are some home improvement ideas that will guarantee just that:

Bust Wide Open

Open floor plans are one of the most popular modern home design features today, and there’s a good chance that this trend will stay on top of the most-loved and must-have interior design features list as more people want to get the most of their spaces. Open floor plans remove barriers between common rooms, allowing visual continuity, thus making the space look bigger.

Home building experts from Poli Construction say that you can work with experienced contractors to knock down unnecessary walls that separate rooms. Your living room is a perfect space for open floor plans. Since this is where the family usually gathers together and where you receive guests, it’s just fitting that the area has a bigger space than other rooms.

Open Windows of Opportunity

Natural light can dramatically transform your living space. Drench your home with daylight, fresh air and refreshed energy. Install large windows in your living room to let the light in. For window treatments, ditch the heavy fabrics and choose shutters. You may want to invest in sliding glass doors as well.

Express your artistic side by installing windows on your flat roof. This will create a dramatic atrium effect. You don’t need artificial lighting (which saves you a lot of money) just to illuminate the space and hype the vibration up.

Make the Right Impression

Your home’s interior is as important as the exterior, so don’t just focus on the inside. Pay attention to your curb appeal as well. After all, it’s the curb appeal that ‘teases’ guests into discovering more of your home.

You can start your curb appeal upgrade project with the creation of a stunning garden. If you have limited space, you can place container gardens or potted plants in the front steps just to add a pop of color and greenery to your home’s exterior. Install outdoor lighting, so that your house stands out even at night.

As you consider upgrading your home’s energy-efficiency and function, don’t forget to add style!

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