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Furnace Malfunction

Furnace Malfunction and its Effects on Your Health

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Furnace MalfunctionDuring the summer season, many people tend to forget about the furnace. With having no need for additional heating during warm days, it can be quite easy to ignore this appliance.

However, it’s important to properly maintain and routinely inspect it prior to the arrival of the cold season, as having no heating during winter can be a serious problem. If you have had problems with it in the past, make sure you talk to a broken furnace specialist before winter rolls in; otherwise, expect to suffer from the following health problems:

1. Discomfort and Stress

Shivering, numbness, and a general feeling of being unwell can result from feeling too cold. In addition, since you don’t feel comfortable, your stress levels can go higher. You will also be more irritable.

It’s even worse at night, when the temperature is at its lowest. Having no heating will keep you from sleeping soundly, and lack of sleep can take a toll on your health. In fact, emergency air conditioner repair provider even says it can be life-threatening.

2. Injuries

Low temperatures can cause pernio, as well as itchiness and redness of the skin. Furthermore, since you feel numb because of the cold, you may accidentally injure yourself if you put too much pressure on a part of the body and not feel pain right away.

3. Unnecessary Stress On Your Heart

When you feel cold, your body works harder to keep it warm. This additional pressure may overstress your heart. This is why experts suggest that people with heart diseases stay indoors, where it’s warm, during days with low temperatures, as they can suffer from discomfort or even serious pains in the chest.

Don’t ignore the value and importance of optimal heating, especially during the winter season. Keep your furnace in good condition to avoid these problems.

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