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Get a Good Night’s Sleep: Stop Snoring Now

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Snoring HabitsEver wondered how your mom gets to sleep at night when you can hear your dad snoring from the other room? She might have gotten used to it or she doesn’t get a good night’s sleep at all. If your dad’s snoring bothers the quality of your sleep at night, then something should be done about it.

It is important to know what snoring is in order to have a better understanding of the condition and to know which medical professional to seek help from.

Causes of snoring

Most people who snore do not know that they do. Snoring is an effect of airway obstruction on one’s nose and mouth. There are various reasons for such obstructions. Some of them are obstructed airways due to allergies. Too much relaxation of the tongue and throat muscles often caused by deep sleep, alcohol consumption and the use of sleeping pills causes snoring as well. Also, one’s throat and tongue muscle relax more as one gets older which results to snoring. Overweight people also have more tendency to snore because of their bulging throat tissues.

Though snoring is a common condition. There are health risks involved. These risks can be as simple as sleep interruption and breathing interruption, to more severe ones like heart strain.

Treatments for snoring

If your snoring is affecting your health or your loved one’s health negatively, medical action should be taken. Your doctor would likely suggest changing your lifestyle and lose weight and cut alcohol consumption. In most cases, the use of appliances that dental professionals use for sleep apnea is advised.  Orthodenco Orthodontic Lab notes that these appliances are readily available in ortho labs in your area. For more severe cases, a surgery can be done to remove the blockage in the throat.

Take your dad to a doctor to get his snoring assessed and treated. Your whole family will get to experience quality sleep in no time.

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