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Garage Door in Chicago

Get that Smart Garage Door for 2017

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Garage Door in ChicagoSmart technology has been cropping up everywhere this past 2016, even in garage doors. You may be planning to have your garage door renovated sometime soon. As the new year comes, you may want to consider upgrading to an even smarter garage door.

Smart Garage Door

As of 2016, you open your garage door via an app on your smartphone. Even more advancements, however, have managed to allow other smart devices to be programmed and allowed to open garage doors as well. A certain garage company has already done this. You can expect the technology to be widespread next year.

Deep Red Door

As you work with your Chicago garage door company, what else can you look forward to in 2017? You can customize your garage door with colors that are predicted to rise in popularity in the next year. The color palette favored in 2017 is bold and deep colors for garage doors, although deep red, green, and gray are recommended by experts.

Year of Glass and Wood

How about spinning your home’s garage door a little bit? You can install a glass or wood garage door for 2017. Such choices can add a sense of elegance, luxury, and style to your home. They can even add value to your property if you plan to sell your home in the future. With glass or wood, you have several designs and patterns to choose from.

Sustainability in the Garage

Have you thought about insulation? Home sustainability is predicted to trend in 2017. When you frequently use your home’s garage for any number of activities, insulation can contribute to sustainability in the home. You will be comfortable as well, no matter what the season.

Screen Out the Undesirables

You can also consider installing a garage screen door when you usually use the garage with the door open. The screen door can keep dust, dirt, bugs, and other debris out while allowing natural light and fresh air to fill the garage.

Of course, you can only pick some of the suggestions here to actually do. Renovate your garage to your heart’s content in the coming year.

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