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Types of Caps

Hats, Caps, or What? Knowing What to Wear and How to Wear It

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Types of CapsWhen most people think of caps today, the first and probably the only thing that comes to their mind are baseball caps. This clothing accessory, though, is more than just that. There are a variety of caps and hats, from those worn in casuals, sporting, or just to match a fashion, with each having its own feature.

Determine which specific one to use in a specific occasion or situation. You can wear caps for any casual situation, complementing shirt, jeans, short, or tank tops. Hats, on the other hand, should be matched with formal attire, like coat and dress.

Baseball Cap

This cap is perhaps the most common type known. It has a large bill in the front and has a fitted crown. There are variations of this type. The team from noted that 10.Deep snapback caps are more popular than others because these feature a universal sizing.


Another variety of a baseball cap is the trucker. Fashion experts consider this the lowest in quality because it’s just made of foam brim. The front half of the crown is made of foam; the back half is a breathable plastic mesh with snapper. Do not wear this, however, if you are going on a date or business meeting.


With a military origin, people see berets as a more formal cap. You can notice a lot of Renaissance and modern artists wearing this. It is, however, more used to match semi-formal attires. Women wear this soft, felt-made accessory with a flattened and floppy crown more than men.

Kangol Brand

A local favourite in the country is the Kangol brand caps. This type has a soft, flattened front crown that touches the tip of the small brim. You can commonly see Kangol in movie characters portraying British locals in the previous decades. It matches well dress slacks and button-down shirts.

Fedora Hat

For strictly formal occasions, you can wear a fedora hat. This has a short brim the circles around and a hard crown with a dipped top. It is usually made of straw or hard felt, having a ribbon-like thread around the bottom part of the crown. You can match this accented coat and tie or long-sleeved shirt and vest.

Choosing a headwear for an occasion calls for planning. As simple as this accessory, it can either complement or ruin your overall look, which is why you need to know what, when, and how you can wear it.

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